The China Industry Annual Report has proven to be in the past an important reference work for political and industrial decision makers to grasp industrial dynamics and to seize opportunities in future development. Now the 2006 series is completed and ready to serve its readers with in-depth analytical insights based on CEInet¡¯s time proven expertise and the valuable contribution of highly regarded governmental officials and industrial observers.

Backed by abundant data resources and specialists of relevant governmental authorities and industrial associations, CEInet has, in the past years, built up an industrial monitoring system that covers almost all sectors of China¡¯s economy and highlights the trend of development

The China Industry Annual Report is furthermore backed up by CEInet¡¯s strong connection to political decision making authorities. It lays emphasis on the development direction of key industries, their structural shifting and the political factors influencing their future development. New data of 2005 have been vastly used to gain insights into changes in demand/supply situation, export/import, investment activities, short term development dynamics and political orientation; recent development of key players in each industry has been also analyzed. The Report also attempts to give assessment of profitability and investment potential of each individual industries and make insightful suggestions. It has been the goal of our continuous effort to make the message clearly understandable by using tables, charts, highlights and other forms that enhance the readability, and to avoid irrelevant generalizations. A valuable part of the Report builds the annex with relevant industrial data, a list of important governmental policies, information about the most important companies in each industry, and industrial events. It will help the reader to get quickly an overview of each industry.

Since the initial launching of China Industry Annual Report in 2003, the series has gain wide acceptance and popularity among government of different levels, major industrial companies and financial and investment institutions. It received the reward of Work of Excellence from the National Development and Reform Commission, and the reward of Excellent Research Work from State Information Center. It has truly become the flagship in the area of Chinese industrial analysis.

It is the conviction of the research team of China Industry Annual Report that it will render you, its appreciated readers, yet another year valuable services in understanding industrial dynamics, help you to lower risks in your investment activities, and become an indispensable reference in your decision making.


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